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he new issue of Modern Classics magazine is out now. This month we party like it's 1999. 20 years ago Aston Martin, Lotus and TVR took on the world's best with new cars. We take them on an epic 1000-mile road trip to find out which one really is best of British. The DB7 Vantage V12 does battle with the Esprit Sport 350 and Tuscan Speed Six.

Next we mark 25 years since the last time you could buy road cars that resembled the racers of the British Touring Car Championship with the BMW 318is, Alfa Romeo 155 TS and Ford Mondeo Si. We then head over to Poland – via Italy – to show you why despite 4.7m being built, the Fiat 126 is an Endangered Species that needs saving. On the buying front, Keith Adams explains why now's the time to buy a Citroen C6, and we show you how to buy the best Bentley Arnage you can. PLUS: Tiff Needell, Jethro Bovingdon and more besides...

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Brits On Tour

20 years ago the Aston Martin DB7 Vantage, Lotus Esprit Sport 350 and TVR Tuscan Speed Six took on the world - and won. But do they cut it in 2019?

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Touring Stars

Remember when the cars tackling the BTCC seemed just like the ones you could buy at the dealership? 25 years on, we sample the last Tourers to claim a true connection with the track.

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Little Wonder

The Fiat 126 might not be an icon to us Brits like the Mini is, but for the Polish this little car changed everything

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Seeing Is Believing

The last old-school Citroen exec was rare even new - here’s why it’s worth tracking one down…

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