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he 1980s coupe icons with the Ford Capri 280 Brooklands, Porsche 924 Turbo, Opel Manta GT/E, Volkswagen Scirocco, Toyota Celica Supra, Mazda RX7 FB, Alfasud Sprint and Lotus Excel.

Plus, we show you why now's the time to buy a BMW 328i Sport E36, pitch the Alfa Romeo 164 Q4 against the Audi V8 and try out one of the rarest cars we've ever featured – the last remaining working Subaru XT. We also show you how to buy the very best Honda Civic Type R FN2, and we buy an Alfa Romeo 156... for £156.

Plus: columns from Jethro Bovingdon, Tiff Needell, Lewis Kingston and Keith Adams, and all the latest market moves.

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‘80s Wedge Coupés

if you thought the 1980s was only about big hair, hot hatches and supercars, you forgot about these pointy two-doors. They’re a bargin right now too.

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Head To Head

Once, even luxury execs had to have trendy 4WD. We try out rare all-drivers from Audi and Alfa

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Clever Money Cars

Fancy a proper do-it-all coupé that’s better than money in the bank? BMW’s Delicately styled but heavy-Hitting E36 328i Sport is for you

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Endangered Species

When Fuji Heavy Industries showcased it’s automotive technology in the Subaru XT, it created the Japanese ‘Evo’ car as we know it. We drive the UK’s only roadworthy example

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