Modern Classics Magazine, issue 5

It may not be the greatest start to summer but Modern Classics magazine is serving up a line-up of cars so hot you're going to need Factor 50 to take it all in!

From epic drives to expert buying advice, from incisive interviews to the latest market insights, we've got everything to satisfy your fix for the last great era of cars – the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s.

Roofless people
Think topdown fun and driving pleasure is always a compromise? Think again – we've rounded up eight of the finest drivers cars that let the sun shine in. It's fun for everyone too, with Vitamin-D flavoured fun on offer from £1000 to £20,000+.

This is Hardcore
Lighter, faster and born on track, Porsche's RS models are the most extreme of all 911s. We strap into a 964 and 993 RS and go for a blast.

Silver Bullets
Want a Modern Classic that's inexpensive, practical and great to drive every day? Then step into one of these family sized Q-cars – the Alfa Romeo 156 V6, Honda Accord Type-R and Volvo S60R.

The Time Is Now
For so long the underdog of the BMW M3 dynasty, the E36 is recognised as a true Modern Classic. Here's why you should buy one now, before prices climb higher. PLUS: We show you how to choose a great one in our extensive buying guide.

We buckle up for an 800bhp blast in Koenig's stunning Ferrari Testarossa remix; we quiz John Cleland about his BTCC battles and we sample South Africa's V8-powered Sierra. Also: Ant Anstead on the one TVR he likes, the latest news, products and market moves, and we show you how to buy a Ferrari 550/575 well.